About Louisiana Country Music

Louisiana is known for its food, music, family and community. 

Just ask anyone what they think of when you say Louisiana and they will no doubt include these words. From the northernmost part of the state to the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana has produced enormous musical talent. Now, for the first time ever, a platform dedicated specifically to Louisiana country music is available to both artists and fans.

Louisiana Country Music is the vision of Louisiana songwriter Ronnie Calhoun. A small-town Louisiana native, Ronnie has lived the life of the lyrics of many country songs. He has combined those life experiences, expertise from studying business and leadership development while earning his degree at LSU, and sales work experience with his love for country music and his home state to bring this vision to life. Ronnie has spent a lot of time in both Nashville and Texas, where he witnessed the power of unity when people work together to grow the country music industry.

Louisiana Country Music is the ultimate community for Louisiana country music artists and fans. Our goal is to create a fun and interactive experience for artists and fans that provides a great avenue for:

  • Artists to be more accessible to fans, venues, sponsors
  • Fans to have the opportunity to get to know the artists as they share their music and stories

Support our local businesses that support our local artists!

Louisiana Country Music is made possible by the vendors of the Live Louisiana, Love Louisiana section of the website. Keeping money in our towns, parishes and state is crucial to our economy so you will find that every vendor listed is local to Louisiana. We provide vendors with their own customized webpages that offer visitors information such as location, business hours, services provided, menus, printable coupons, daily specials, and much more. By using these vendors country music fans can give back to our state and help make our economy strong.